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Estate Masters Ltd.

About Us

Estate Masters limited formerly (Kings City real estate ) is a wholly Ghanaian owned establishment that deals in affordable serviced plots, luxury homes and property management. We have been in operation since 2014 and provided our products and services to both individuals and groups with diligence and professionalism each time we are called upon. Our services involve Land sales and documentation, Building & Construction and Property Management.

Why should you patronize us?

Unlike other estate agencies, we run thorough background checks and investigation with our Intelligence Team, on the legitimacy of our properties before enlisting them for sale. This is done to avoid double ownership, issues with land guards or litigation.

 We service our lands by clearing any thickets (bushes), rubble, and stumps etc. that will inhibit construction.

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Our Journey

We are the most genuine source of litigation free lands in
Ghana. Mandated to actualize your dream of becoming a
home owner, Estate Masters is here to serve you the
choicest and secure lands in the country.
With our 8 year track record in sale of serviced plots,
we are proud to admit that no one loses land here!
Woezor • Akwaaba • Mohee • Bienvenu..

Our Mission
To become the no.1 destination for property buyers

Our Vision

To offer every property buyer a better option in terms of cost
and quality in fashionable style.

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